Axe 2 : Interactions culturelles

RISE : Reflective Iterative Scenario Enactments of Futuristic Cataclysms through Operas

RISE (Reflective Iterative Scenario Enactments through collaborative productions of cataclysmic mini-operas) is a 5-year SSHRC-funded research-creation project that investigates various cataclysmic scenarios by enacting them in the opera medium. 

Every year's two mini-operas will focus on a different type of crisis (pandemic, ecological, economic, technological, political, warfare, resource depletion, cosmic, etc.), and develop speculative narratives to explore humanity's challenges and responses.

Through the creation and production of mini-operas, through literature analysis, and through collaborative critical-reflection, the project will research:

  1. A variety of emerging issues related to life during a global crisis (health, economy, societal, psychological, technological, political, ethical, human rights, EDI)
  2. Opera culture: the defining elements of the opera medium, its history and present, and ways to expand and update opera practice.
  3. Diversified collaboration across practices and abilities/career statuses—utilizing professional artists, student creators, and community musicians.
  4. Speculative research, investigating the future via scenario enactments and collaborative critical reflection.
  5. Practical/logistical production matters.

Chercheurs principaux

  • Eldad Tsabary



  • Insight (CRSH) - de 2020 à 2023