Axe 2 : Interactions culturelles

After-images and urban spaces: lesbian, gay and queer visible presence in Montreal (1950-1990)

This study investigates how lesbians and gay men understood and negotiated social and media visibility in Montreal from 1950 to 1990 amidst the effervescence of political and artistic expression of Quebec's Quiet Revolution. This study explores the possibilities and the risks of lgbtq+ image-making in the post-war period. Combining archival research and interviews with activists and artists, we develop the first large-scale study of mainstream lgbtq+ - produced visual media (photography, video, the yelloow press, television). We set out to "re-activate" archival images and other materials through a series of knowledge mobilisation activities including screenings, workshops, conferences, and exhibitions.

Chercheurs principaux

  • Julianne Pidduck



  • Subvention Savoir (CRSH) - de 2020-04 à 2025-03