Université du Québec à Montréal

Conférence de Dominic Hardy, « To Find Ourselves ? Searching for Self-Portraiture by Women Artists in Québec Art History »

La conférence aura lieu le 9 mai à la Queen’s University and the Agnes Etherington Art Centre, Kingston.
Résumé : This investigation draws on the work of the Équipe de recherche en histoire de l’art au Québec, an interuniversity research group founded in 2012. The paper will present a historiographical overview of the studies (monographs, exhibition catalogues, journal articles, masters and doctoral theses and archival sources) that might allow us to form an idea of the role accorded in Québec art history to the practice of self-portraiture by women artists working in the colonial and post-confederation periods. The task of winnowing out the historiographical representation of that practice is likely to be as challenging as that of delimiting the temporal, territorial, identity and linguistic parameters of what is imagined as a « Québec art history » ; the challenge is the measure of a corresponding necessity, since it is the very visibility of the practice in the historiographical record that will be in question. Voir le programme.

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Icône de calendrier
samedi 09 mai 2015
Icône de lieu
Queen's University - Agnes Etherington Art Centre